Clipper Case Study

Famously known for working with Fairtrade since 1994, 24 years later Clipper are now proudly the world's largest Fairtrade tea brand. Running out of offices and factories in beautiful rural locations such as Beaminster in Dorset, they boast a unique set up which compliments their brand and product.

Prism Office Interiors were introduced to the Clipper Team at the start of 2018 when the plans were underway to relocate the Beaminster site just a stone throw away after a successful acquisition and approval.  

The aim of the Clipper Project was to manage the relocation into the new Beaminster Offices to support the rise in staff numbers. This significant increase in headcount created a new requirement for office design and meeting spaces, collaborative working areas and breakout facilities.

Prism Interiors were involved from the outset, working closely with the Management team. The office design brief was discussed extensively whilst the building work got underway and Prism Interiors presented several CAD Designs and various schemes in order to meet a very challenging brief focusing on product and office design.

Senator Chemistry workstations combined with the appropriately named Clipper chairs were installed at Clipper, meeting the modular, spatial and aesthetic requirements of the project. Clipper’s Branding Guidelines and Style were used to select a colour palette of green shades and splashes of vibrant colour which teamed with Highland Oak workstations and storage units, creating a natural and fresh open space. Colours from the same palette were also used as accents to highlight and give an identity to the meeting rooms.

To get a glimpse of all the work that went into the project from beginning to completion in a 30 second timelapse, click to watch the video below.

office reception chair.jpg

Chemistry workstations installed at Clipper compliment the natural backdrop of the beautiful Beaminster countryside. Chemistry has been designed to offer a flexible working space which can be set up as individual desks or benches - Chemistry adapts to the modern day working environment. 

The colour palette was discussed extensively in the design brief and the interiors team picked up the shades of green used throughout Clipper’s branding and carefully weaved this palette into different aspects of the installation design. Through a combination of creative design, carefully selected upholstery and complimentary accessories, Clipper's office interior now reflects the brand throughout the office.

clipper office furniture.png
office breakout area.jpg

With the increase in headcount, Clipper needed to be able to offer staff appropriate breakout areas whilst keeping within the fresh and bright design parameters set through the rest of the office. Sunda tables paired with Loiter seating created the optimum environment for enjoying a lunch break, informal meetings or just catching up with colleagues.

Mote seating was also installed to offer a comfortable escape for meetings. With endless combinations, Mote can be arranged to suit any working environment and is designed to create beautifully defined spaces.

communal working chairs.jpg

Prism Interiors suggested the Ad-Lib chair for a less formal and more collaborative meeting room at Clipper – the collaboration space needed furniture able to accommodate both formal and informal discussions and the Famiglia lounge chair with its removable light weight work table was perfectly suited for this necessity.

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