Franchise groups absolutely love our web to print service. It provides franchisees with a single, simple online portal where they can order all their branded marketing collateral – from signs and printed materials to uniforms and corporate merchandise.

The service offers a multitude of benefits to both franchise owners and franchise partners, but before we launch into those, let us tell you a little bit more about what’s on offer.

It’s really very simple. We work with the franchise owner to set up a website that provides their franchise partners with a one-stop-shop where they can order all their corporate marketing materials. The website is branded according to the franchise brand and provides a professional and reliable platform and service. Franchise partners can order from a pre-agreed list of branded products, the scope of which is quite simply endless. The ability to personalise items, for example, adding contact details or the franchise owner’s photo, is easy, or can be removed completely. Each franchise partner has their own login and account, and if necessary, franchise owners can place limits on quantities that can be ordered.


Franchisees can personalise everything from brochures to business cards.

Complete brand control

Franchise owners face a constant battle to retain control over their brand - what it looks like and what it represents. After all, as a franchise grows, half the appeal to new franchisees is that they’re buying into an established brand and market. That’s why it’s essential that the franchise’s brand guidelines are followed to the letter and corporate colours are consistent. It also means that the quality of marketing collateral and merchandise that represent the brand need to be carefully managed and supervised. Providing franchise partners with a single, simple platform where they can order stock items prevents the need for them to seek their own solutions and provides franchise owners with complete control over their brand and how it is presented and represented. 

A professional tool and support service

If you’re wanting to grow your franchise then you will need to attract and retain franchise partners. Let’s face it, when you buy into a franchise you’re doing so because you want to capitalise on a ready-made, functional business model. It’s likely that prospective franchise partners will be considering a number of different franchises and options. It’s therefore important to be able to demonstrate that when they join your franchise they’ll be given all the tools and support they need to get up and running quickly, and to keep their business running seamlessly and successfully.

A huge range of franchise merchandise is available, including branded uniforms.

A huge range of franchise merchandise is available, including branded uniforms.

Providing franchise partners with a professional web to print service, which makes it easy for them to order all their corporate marketing collateral and merchandise from a single supplier holds great appeal. It adds a huge amount of value to franchise partners as it saves them all the time and effort involved in understanding brand guidelines, sourcing suppliers, and negotiating prices and contracts. They have the reassurance that all their marketing materials can be ordered and delivered at the touch of a button and should they need it, we’ll be on hand to provide guidance and advice.

This is certainly one of the main reasons that Shuttercraft’s owner and marketing team turned to our ‘web to print’ portal solution. Shuttercraft is a growing, UK based franchise that sells interior window shutters and blinds. With 19 franchise partners and plans to expand this number to 30 in the next five years, Shuttercraft wanted to be able to provide its franchise partners with a ready made, set-up service that they can log-in to, at any time, to order branded stationery and point of sale (POS) pieces.

Shuttercraft’s Marketing Executive, Clarissa Hearn explains,


“Not only does Prism’s online ordering portal ensure that we can retain control of our brand in the market, but it gives our franchise partners autonomy and support when our marketing team isn’t available. A lot of our franchise partners work at weekends and out of office hours. With Prism’s portal, they can order all the products they need, safe in the knowledge that the logo and branding is set up and will be correct, without having to contact head office. It’s a great tool for us to provide and a fantastic tool for them to use. They particularly like the fact that when they log into the portal it recognises them, so if they want something customised with their franchise’s contact details, the system automatically knows who they are and what details to include. They don’t have to input it every time.”

Cost control

When considering opening a franchise, a prospective franchise partner will want to understand all the costs involved in setting up the new business. As a franchise owner you will need to be able to demonstrate to potential partners that they can build a financially viable and rewarding business. Prospective partners will want to understand the purchase costs, the costs of opening inventory, and the amount of working capital they’re going to need before they break even. They’ll also need to factor in marketing costs. That’s why it’s incredibly powerful to be able to demonstrate that, as a franchise owner, you have centrally negotiated costs for marketing collateral at a national lower rate, which franchise partners can capitalise on. It is also incredibly reassuring to prospective franchisees that they are going to be able to easily control their marketing spend.

Clarissa from Shuttercraft comments,


Before we came across Prism’s portal solution we were using another supplier’s portal. We turned to Prism because our incumbent supplier only offered print services, whereas Prism’s product offering is much more extensive, and also because Prism’s products are half the price. This obviously has huge appeal to the business and our franchise partners.”

Franchisees can even order flags, banners and gazebos.

Franchisees can even order flags, banners and gazebos.

She adds,


Having introduced Prism’s portal service to our franchise partners, we’ve had a rapid uptake, with 15 or our 19 franchise partners now using it regularly to order a huge range of branded products – from stationery and POS, to flags, merchandise, banners and gazebos for events. Our franchise partners like Prism’s price point, the simplicity of the online system and its accessibility. For Shuttercraft, Prism’s web to print solution is helping to future proof our business as we scale up and extend our franchise. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Our professional web to print platform and service offers incredible value to franchise owners and franchise partners alike. We work with a number of different franchise groups, providing a bespoke service designed according to their specific requirements. We work closely with franchise owners to investigate their needs and understand their brand and their business. We can advise on suitable products and items and with all our design and print done in-house, we maintain complete control over quality of output.

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