Sit-stand desks have been around for a while now and unsurprisingly they’ve really caught on.

There’s a growing body of research and evidence to support the fact that sitting for long periods of time is detrimental to health and productivity. So much so, that Denmark has recently made it mandatory for employers to offer sit-stand desks as an option to all employees!

Upgrading to sit-stand workstations can offer a lot more than just health benefits.

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Here at Prism we already offer a range of conventional sit-stand desks that have proven to be very popular, but now there’s another option. We are delighted to introduce a range of height adjustable workstation units that are new to Prism, from a US based manufacturer called Ergotron. Ergotron’s height adjustable workstation units can be used on an existing desk. Its range of WorkFit™ products are designed to eliminate constraints and transform sedentary office environments into active spaces that promote productivity and well-being for workers.

Join the movement

Founded in 1982, Ergotron earned patents on some of the first tilt stands, mounting arms and ergonomically correct desks stands. They are inventors of kinetic work environments that help eliminate constraints on how you work and engage with technology. At Prism we select the manufacturers, suppliers and brands we work with and promote very carefully, and we have been incredibly impressed with the height adjustable and mobile workstation solutions that Ergotron offer, as well as the quality and cost of their products. 

Ergotron’s range of height adjustable workstations, complement the sit-stand desks that we already supply, as they offer something a little bit different and in some cases are more cost effective – depending on what you are trying to achieve and able to invest.

The range


As we’ve already mentioned, good quality, conventional sit-stand desks can set you back a fair penny. They’re seriously worth the investment, but if you’re not ready to replace your existing office desks, then Ergotron provide an interesting alternative solution. They offer an extensive range of height adjustable workstations that can be fitted to any desk.

They offer a solution for just about any size and type of desk imaginable, including compact desks and corner units, as well as workstations with a provision for a single monitor or for multiple Visual Display Units (VDUs). These workstations are securely fitted to the surface of an existing desk, providing the user with the option to raise their work station to standing height, or work from a seated position, as desired. 

Ergotron products are also designed to encourage movement and an active work style through improved comfort and flexibility. Collaboration can be fostered with a couple of monitor arms, so that people can connect their laptop and share their screens in meetings. Ergotron’s fully adjustable monitor arms enable you to work faster and more easily together. The ability to move screens freely to accommodate idea sharing shouldn’t be underestimated.

Design led features


As you would expect from a company that are pioneers in the field of movement and ergonomics, Ergotron’s product range are all built with innovative design features that don’t fail to impress. Every detail has been carefully considered, from the range of colours and finishes available, to the additional fixtures and features, including height adjustable keyboard trays, solutions for storage and the display of mobile and smart devices, as well as cable management trays to keep monitor chords out of the way.

Quality and cost

We have been incredibly impressed with the quality of Ergotron’s products. Their patented technology has been thoroughly tested and promises a very long shelf life. We think they are a very worthwhile investment for any organisation that understands the correlation between comfort, engagement, performance and productivity. 

As with any range of products, prices vary, but suffice to say they offer a very attractive and cost effective solution to any organisation considering the option of height adjustable workstations.

Talk to us 

We’d welcome the opportunity to understand your office interior requirements and introduce you to the extensive range of Ergotron products. We can also offer an assessment of your workplace and the option of trialling sample Ergotron products. And there’s one more piece of good news, if you decide to order an Ergotron workstation, it will be with you in a matter of days, which means we can have you, quite literally, ‘up and working’ in no time.

If you are interested in talking about sit-stand workstations or ergonomic furniture and would like to speak to a specialist, please call 0333 456 1501 or email

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