Our world is precious. Taking care of the environment is one of the most important challenges facing all businesses today. 

Here at Prism we take our responsibility towards the planet very seriously and have introduced many initiatives focused on reducing waste, improving energy efficiency, reducing our carbon footprint and improving recycling and waste management.

In 2012 we gained our ISO14001 accreditation for Environmental Management Standards. As part of the ISO14001 requirements we continually invest in and monitor our processes, products and people to improve our impact on the environment. 

Here are just some of the initiatives we have introduced in our efforts to use less and save more: 


Our fleet consists of the most environmentally friendly Euro 6 diesel vehicles and our delivery routes are carefully configured to be the most efficient and effective. Looking ahead, we are talking to vehicle providers to investigate new technologies for alternative fuelled vehicles.

Through our partnership with UPS we also have access to 3,600 vehicles across the UK. UPS are committed to utilising environmentally friendly vehicles throughout their fleet.  

Environmental packaging


The delivery boxes that we use to distribute our office supply products are designed to ensure that your products arrive undamaged. 95% of products are packaged in fully recyclable cardboard and we only resort to other materials when absolutely necessary. 


We have reduced our chemical usage where possible across all areas of printing. This includes the use of a water based, eco-friendly alternative litho seal and chemical free plate processing technology.  In addition, we only use vegetable oil-based inks. Unlike other printing inks, they are made from a renewable source, reduce CO2 emissions and are easier to remove from paper, thereby increasing recycling efficiency. With the removal of all these chemicals we have virtually eliminated our emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which are a major source of ozone pollution and a potential health hazard to us all.

We make sure that the suppliers of all raw materials used in our printing processes are reputable companies with ethical trading policies. In addition, we have been awarded PEFC & FSC certification. Both these accreditations set the standards for forest management and chain of custody certification. Securing these certifications reinforces our focus on operating in an environmentally, economically and socially responsible way with regard to paper supply and usage within our business.


More than 2400 of the office products we supply have a recyclable content of 50% or more and we are constantly striving to increase this number. We ensure that all products are sourced from ethical companies and sustainable resources and that we are not sourcing from areas where there is a risk of corruption, child labour or bribery.


Senator is the UK’s largest manufacturer of office furniture and workplace solutions and one of our key partners. Through Senator we have access to its dedicated recycling business called Sustain™.  Sustain is committed to making sure that zero waste ends up in landfill and will collect and recycle all waste packaging including plastic and polystyrene, and all old furniture. For example, chair foam is recycled to become underlay, chair backs become notepads and folders, and plastic is used in a variety of building products!

Watch the Sustain video

Carbon output

We have recently signed up to Carbon Smart (www.carbonsmart.co.uk), an accredited sustainability programme. It’s designed to record and monitor our carbon output, energy and waste performance across all areas of our business. Over recent years we have already managed to reduce our electricity usage by over 30% and gas usage by 25%.  With Carbon Smart we have made a further commitment to reduce our carbon position by a minimum of 5% over the next 12 months and by a further 9% within three years.

Working with our customers

We extend our environmental agenda to our customers to ensure that we jointly adopt working practises that assist us all in achieving our environmental goals. To this end we are committed to ‘reducing’, ‘re-using’ and ‘recycling’ at every possible opportunity. Here’s how…


  • Reduce the use of raw materials by allowing customers to focus on the most environmentally acceptable and least damaging products

  • Reduce road miles by delivering orders complete, correct and error free

  • Reduce the number of deliveries to customers through the implementation of a bulk delivery day – rather than a 5 day a week service

  • Reduce unnecessary packaging through the use of reusable “tote boxes” wherever possible

  • Reduce paper use by providing product usage information and presenting environmental paper stock alternatives (FSC/Recycled)


  • Re-use “tote boxes” to minimise packaging

  • Re-use packaging wherever possible to minimise our packaging waste

  • Re-use print production equipment, inks and/or related products (print plates, inks, specific papers etc) which have been created or are used specifically for the products of the contract printed items


  • Recycle over four tonnes of cardboard each year

  • Recycle over one tonne of stretch wrap each year

  • Recycle ‘tote boxes’ after their full lifecycle

  • Reduce paper in our print production process (i.e. paper waste)

  • Recycle by helping our customers to recycle ‘end of life’ print products that we have supplied

We are 100% committed to making sure every aspect of our business activities have minimal impact on our environment. We are proud of our endeavours, but never complacent and will continue to investigate and invest in new processes and products, so that together with our customers, we maintain responsible and sustainable business practices.

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