Educational furniture solutions

There’s no doubt that school and higher education environments have transformed dramatically over the last decade or so. In the same way that business and office environments are adapting to new ways of working with collaborative and flexible workspaces, so too are educational institutions. Gone are the days of soulless classrooms and rows of bland desks that might restrict teaching practices and learning opportunities. They’re rapidly being replaced by bright, flexible furniture solutions that have been designed specifically to improve learning outcomes. Here at Prism we’ve recently completed a number of projects for sixth form and higher education colleges and wanted to share some of the ways that today’s innovative furniture solutions can enhance learning environments.  

Return on investment

Perhaps the one thing that hasn’t changed across the education sector is budget restrictions. Whilst colleges and higher education establishments may have slightly bigger budgets and more spending power than schools, money still needs to be spent very carefully and every penny needs to be justified and accounted for. And that’s what makes today’s furniture solutions absolutely ideal for the education sector. They’ve largely been designed with versatility and flexibility in mind. So whether you’re wanting to fit-out a classroom, a library, a lecture room, a study area or an informal break out space, there are a host of adaptable furniture solutions that will ensure you gain maximum return on your investment.

Mobile furniture solutions


The way that lessons are being taught and the way that students prefer to learn have changed radically over recent years. Mobility and flexibility is absolutely key to today’s learning environments. Classroom furniture that enables a teacher to adapt the room to their required teaching method, or quickly switch a lesson from collaborative learning for problem solving to sole study is essential. That’s why mobility is a key component of many of today’s furniture specifications. Chairs on wheels and swivel seats that permit movement are incredibly popular. The materials used are also much more lightweight, to allow for tables and chairs to be easily reconfigured, depending on the learning environment required. 

Flexible furniture solutions

Whilst flexibility and mobility is now an important component for classrooms, it’s also essential to ensuring that study rooms and spaces are fully utilised. Creating a study environment that is engaging and encourages study and student success is a major priority for all higher education establishments. Today’s education leaders recognise that creating a bright, friendly and inspiring environment isn’t pandering to a student’s whims, it’s proven to enhance and encourage learning.  


Providing students with a range of options to accommodate different study requirements has never been so simple. Solutions range from benches to encourage collaborative study, to soft seating areas and shielded, private work spaces. Offering a flexible range of seating options will encourage the area to be utilised. 

Other considerations


Another important consideration when selecting furniture is comfort. We’re not advocating lazy boy style chairs that might encourage a young adult to nod off, but we do strongly recommend ergonomic seating. Not only does it improve posture, but it is proven to reduce physical strain and therefore improve concentration and productivity. 

Of course, we must also remember that today’s students are a plug and play generation. With the increasing prevalence of BYOD or ‘Bring Your Own Device’, smartphones, tablets and laptops must all be catered for across classrooms, common rooms, staff rooms and study areas. Seating and table designs must have in-built power points and surfaces for devices.


When it comes to return on investment, robustness and durability are absolutely critical. This is furniture that is going to have to withstand a lot of wear and tear over many years. You need to be confident that your investment is going to stand the test of time. That’s why the specification of the furniture we supply into schools, colleges, universities and adult learning centres is of the highest quality and delivers outstanding performance.

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This is an incredibly exciting time for higher education establishments. As teaching practices and requirements are evolving, so too are the furniture specifications being produced to meet their needs. Today’s furniture and storage solutions are designed to help education establishments make the best use of available space, provide flexible and adaptable teaching environments and to encourage and enhance the learning experience. We would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about your requirements and budget. Whether your objective is to find the most cost effective furniture solution or explore some of the incredible and innovative options that are available, we would be happy to help.

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