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Little changes can make big differences...

…to the impact we, and our businesses, make on the environment.
We take great pride in having achieved accreditation to the environmental management standard ISO14001:2004 across all of the services we offer.

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This allows us to demonstrate openly that we comply with the standards that form the basis of global best practice and minimise our impact on the environment. Furthermore, we understand the importance of not only providing our customers with environmental solutions across multiple product categories and services, but also assisting them in controlling their budgeted expenditure whilst reducing their environmental impact.


We offer an extensive range of brand and own brand environmental products and solutions Рproviding a wide choice of products without compromise on quality or design. Simple but effective in house green procedures are also standard practice, for example online ordering templates - which act as mental tick lists when putting orders together and also help to reduce the frequency of orders placed; resulting in fewer deliveries, less packaging and a reduced environmental impact Рall whilst ensuring maximum ordering efficiency.

Cyan_QMS REGISTED 14001.eps

Prism is also accredited to ISO9001:2008, which helps to provide further reassurance of our commitment to the development and adherence to a strict quality management process and supporting us to deliver consistently high service levels across our entire business.

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